MBCLC Endorsements for November 2018 Election


Monterey Bay Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Has Made The Following Endorsements

For the November, 2018 Election Cycle

For More Information Contact Glen Schaller,
MBCLC Political Coordinator, 831-325-8575, [email protected]

S. C. Co. Board of Supervisors, D 4               No Recommendation

Capitola City Council                                        Yvette Brooks, Sam Storey

Carmel Mayor                                                      Dave Potter

Marina Mayor                                                  Bruce Delgado                                 

Marina City Council                                          Adam Urrutia, Lisa Berkley                                  

Monterey City Council                                     Tyller Williamson

Pacific Grove Mayor                                       Dionne Ybarra                     

Salinas Mayor                                                 Joe Gunter   

Salinas City Council, District 2             Tony Barrera           

Salinas City Council, District 3             Steve McShane

Salinas City Council, District 5             Andrew Sandoval

Santa Cruz City Council                            Justin Cummings, Drew Glover, Richelle Noroyan

Seaside Mayor                                                Kayla Jones

Seaside City Council                                       Jason Campbell, Jon Wizard

Soledad City Council                                       Alejandro Chavez, Marisela Lara

Watsonville City Council, D 4                           Jenny Sarmiento

Watsonville City Council, D 5                           Rebecca Garcia

Watsonville City Council, D 7                           (dual): Ari Parker & Lupe Rivas 

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Z 1            Regina Gage

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Z 3         Juan Cabrera

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Z 4          Cesar Lara

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Z 5       Timothy Miguel 

Monterey County Office of Ed., TA 7              Delia Alvarado

 Cabrillo College, TA 6                                      Dan Rothwell 

Monterey Peninsula College, TA 1                  Natalia Molina

Monterey Peninsula College, TA 2                  Yuri Anderson

Alisal Union ESD, TA 2                                    Maricela Cruz

Alisal Union ESD, TA 5                                    Jose Antonio Jimenez

Monterey Peninsula USD, TA 3                       Jennifer Bleiker Murphy

Pajaro Valley USD, TA 4                                 Daniel Dodge, Jr

Pajaro Valley USD, TA 5                                 Jennifer Schacher

Pajaro Valley USD, TA 7                                 Jennifer Holm

Salinas City ESD, TA 3                                    Leo DeLaRosa

Salinas Union HSD, TA 5                                 EvaMarie Martinez

Salinas Union HSD, TA 7                                 Kristine Jones

Santa Cruz City Schools, TA 1                       Jeremy Shonick

Santa Cruz City Schools, TA 3                       Cindy Ranii

Greenfield USD                                                           David Kong

Aptos/La Selva Fire District                            Orbad Darbo, John Scanlon

Marina Coast Water District                            Bill Lee, Jan Shriner

Monterey County Ballot Measures

J          MPWMD Cost Savings                         No Recommendation

M         PG Short Term Rentals                        NO

N          Marina Sales Tax                                YES

S          Monterey Street Rehab Tax                YES

V         Marina Cannabis Tax                          YES

P          Marina TOT                                          YES

Santa Cruz County Ballot Measures

G         County Sales Tax                                YES

H          Affordable Housing Bond                   YES

I           Capitola Cannabis Tax                        YES                

J          Capitola TOT                                        YES

L          Capitola Greenway                             NO

M         Santa Cruz Rent Control                     YES

N          Scotts Valley TOT                               YES

O         Watsonville TOT                                  YES

STATEWIDE: California Labor Federation Endorsements

Governor                                             Gavin Newsom

Lt. Governor                                        Dr. Ed Hernandez

Secretary of State                              Alex Padilla

Attorney General                                Xavier Beccera

Controller                                             Betty Yee

Treasurer                                            Fiona Ma

Insurance Commissioner                     Ricardo Lara

Supt of Public Instruction                    Tony Thurmond

BOE, District 2                         Malia Cohen

US Senate                                           Kevin DeLeon

US House, CD 18                                Anna Eshoo                                     

US House, CD 20                                Jimmy Panetta

State Senate, SD 12                            Anna Caballero

State Assembly, AD 29                       Mark Stone

State Assembly, AD 30                       Robert Rivas

 Statewide Ballot Measures

Prop 1             Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018                                  YES
Prop 2             No Place Like Home Act of 2018                                                                     YES
Prop 3             Authorizes Bonds to Fund Projects for Water Supply                                    YES
Prop 4             Authorizes Bonds Funding: Children’s Hospitals                    No Recommendation
Prop 5             Changes Requirements: Home Owners to Transfer Property Tax                 NO
Prop 6             Eliminates Road Repair and Transportation Funding                                      NO
Prop 7             Daylight Savings Time                                                 No Recommendation
Prop 8             Authorizes Regulation of Dialysis Clinics. Limits Charges                              YES
Prop 9             Division of California Into Three States. (Blocked by Court)                           NO
Prop 10            Expands Locals’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Property                        YES
Prop 11            Requires Private Ambulance Workers to Remain On-Call                               NO
Prop 12            Establishes New Standards for Confinement of Animals                               YES